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About Us

Welcome to My Therapy Buddy! I created my first free self-therapy tool with the support of my friends during a rough time in the 2020 coronavirus outbreak. Now, this site offers more!

You can find solution-focused mental health resources to help you work towards your goals in a safe and supportive environment. My goal is to bridge the gap in mental healthcare accessibility and provide you with effective & beautiful tools to improve your mental health and well-being.

When To Use

My Therapy Buddy


You get unlimited free use of My Therapy Buddy's sessions and activities to hold your hand through the roller coaster of your mind, relationships, and life struggles.


Take your My Therapy Buddy notes to your actual therapist in real life so that you can get professional guidance about your thoughts, emotions, and progress.

(You must enter your email at the end of each session to keep a copy of your notes. We do not store any session notes.)


My Therapy Buddy offers conversational therapy sessions that encourage and motivate you to make relevant connections between problem and solution. This is so that you can feel confident and positive about tackling the struggles of life.


My Therapy Buddy is designed to work seamlessly on every single device - mobile, tablet, Kindle, and computer. If you are on a device with internet access, then you can access My Therapy Buddy!


How It Works


Choose a therapy session.

There are 3 types of sessions: a first session for new users, follow-up sessions to explore any issue on your mind, and a simple vent session which deletes your problems after you submit them.

Follow the guided session

My Therapy Buddy guides your session with gentle conversational prompts + activities. Your buddy is 100% attentive. 0% judgemental.

Receive your session notes in your email

For your security and confidentiality, your notes with My Therapy Buddy are instantly emailed to you so that you are in total control of your session. We do not store your notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Therapy Buddy replace actual therapy?

The short answer is no. Depending on your situation, you may or may not feel that you need an actual therapist.

We find that the best results come from using My Therapy Buddy with a qualified, professional therapist or psychiatrist.

Is it REALLY free?

Yes! My Therapy Buddy is 100% free to use without any restrictions.

No sign-up required!

One-Time Donation

(gift sessions to a stranger)



We appreciate every donation!

Monthly Donation

(unlocks unlimited access)

What is "self-therapy journaling"?

Self-therapy journaling is an activity that helps your brain make connections, dig deep, and find solutions to whatever you are struggling with.

My Therapy Buddy is designed to take self-therapy journaling to a new level with intuitive prompts and activities that can help even the most apathetic human dig deep without stress.

Who is My Therapy Buddy made for?


My Therapy Buddy is designed for individuals across all walks of life seeking an accessible, confidential mental health tool. Its versatility caters to students, professionals, parents, retirees, and particularly those grappling with chronic conditions like bipolar disorder, PTSD, and eating disorders.

It's a supportive platform to supplement professional services and navigate mental health journeys.

Why did you create My Therapy Buddy?

In the midst of the 2020 coronavirus outbreak, we saw an immense need for affordable and accessible mental health tools that could be used for a wide range of life situations.

So, we created a solution-focused therapy tool that fills a gap between emergency hotlines and actual therapists.


My Therapy Buddy was born!

How do you store my information?

For security and confidentiality purposes, My Therapy Buddy does NOT store any information from your sessions aside from your email. This is to ensure that you have full control of your sessions. The only information we keep on file is your email so that we can send you your session notes!

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My Therapy Buddy is

100% attentive.

0% judgemental.

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